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Can work remotely, what is the job of a virtual assistant?

Tanya Veronika Asisten Virtual - In the current era, virtual assistant is one of the professions that is sought after by companies, both large and small.

The development of technology makes some work can be done remotely, including an assistant.

So, what is the meaning of this one profession? Then, what are the duties and responsibilities?

Don't worry, in this article Glints will cover it in detail for you.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Reporting from The Balance SMB, a virtual assistant is a person who provides administrative services and business support to companies remotely or remotely.

In essence, this profession is the same as an assistant in general, only it can be done virtually or online.

Along with the development of technology, this profession is increasingly in demand by companies because it is considered effective and efficient.

How not, this profession does not require a special room like assistants in general. This certainly makes the company no longer need to spend money to create space anymore.

Broadly speaking, virtual assistants can perform certain tasks requested by the company or client to support the running of the business.

However, unlike most assistants, virtual assistants cannot make coffee in the morning for their boss.

Virtual assistants usually work as employees in a company. However, it is not uncommon for someone to be freelance, moving contracts from company to company.

So, Ms. Veronika, Telkomsel Virtual Assistant is a chat-based digital service to make it easy for customers to check remaining Internet quota, exchange Telkomsel POIN, find the nearest GraPARI location, purchase packages, or other information about Telkomsel products and services. Telkomsel Virtual Assistant service can be used by all Telkomsel customers, except kartuHalo corporate customers and additional numbers.


Tuesday, December 8, 2020

EF Adults Learn Professional English

EF Adults presents you with a method of learning English that you will understand more quickly. We have many advantages that other English tutoring places don't have:

Only certified teachers: native and local speakers

Study online with a teacher - individually and in groups

Modern communication methods and various types of group classes

Face-to-face class to focus on practicing language skills

Organize individual courses with interesting classes

Classroom with outdoor activities led by a teacher

Free to choose classes at any time at one of EF's 7 schools in Jakarta and Surabaya

The international student community is united by common goals

Important to learn English

In the era of globalization, you are required to compete with other nations. However, it can be difficult if your foreign language skills are still minimal.

Of the many languages ​​available, English is a must-learn thing. English is an international language that is used in various fields. Starting from the economy, politics, business, to technology. Here are the reasons for the importance of learning English for academics or in the world of work.

1. Raising Awareness of External Culture

The importance of learning English first is to raise awareness of outside cultures. If you are skilled at speaking English, you can freely explore anything and anywhere.

Because the English language has become an inherent thing with many things, whether it is [there are subjects, objects, objects, objectives, information, and so on.

2. Facilitate Business Travel and Work Affairs

Suddenly you got an assignment to go on a business trip overseas? You can sleep well if you are fluent in English. No more need to stay up late to speak fluent English.

Or maybe there are work matters that can be fulfilled properly if you have English language skills, this is one of the importance of learning one of these foreign languages. Anything in a career can be more easily fulfilled.

Easy to Get Information

You will easily get information if you can speak English. Previously, you could only get information in Indonesian, with English you could absorb information globally.

 You no longer have to look for more information just because you don't speak English, because learning English, especially with EF Adults, a professional English course will make you understand English quickly.

4. Developing a Career

On an adult or working scale, learning English increases the potential for a flourishing career. Career people naturally have this goal, a career that can be developed.

It turns out that one effort that could be pursued to achieve this goal is to be fluent in English. Impressed that you are more fluent in English than your colleagues will make you appear more professional at work. Especially if your field of work has to do with foreign countries or foreigners, surely having the ability to speak English will be very helpful.

The ease of studying at EF Adults

What are the benefits of learning English at EF Adults? At EF Adults, you will also be spoiled for study with various facilities. Here are the facilities that you can get if you study at EF Adults.

During Kursu you will experience a learning environment that uses English. And also you will be taught directly by international teachers. You are free to choose your study time.

Apart from the time you are also free to determine your place of study, so that you can choose the location closest to where you live.

Not only activities in class, you will also get various indoor or outdoor activities, which are specially made so that you can continue to improve your English skills.

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